My GCI experience


Hello friends My name is Shivam rai. And i am student of 9th. Actually i did not know anything about GCI on 26 nov 2017 i need to know from my computer teacher so she tells me to participate. And before 2 days i was seeing all the tasks and i was confused i was saying “what is this” i will not do it. So i have said my teacher i will not do it. Then my teacher told me when she started to work on microsoft then she also did not know anything but when she started to do she was getting everything. Same story was with me in the GCI journey. And my task was of ubuntu when i have submitted the task i was thinking that they will approve or not when the message come on gmail i get feared to open it because in that written “more work needed” it was like you have passed for high school or not. When i have opened it it was written more work i was get annoyed and i think i will not do it but my parent encouraged me to do. Then i have started aging doing it i have submitted 8 times but not reviewed but i have not lose my patience then submitted 9 times then it was ”approved” i was very happy at that time i keep dancing for 2 min then i don’t know from whom i share my happiness then i got the confidence from that and i doing all other tasks and this time when i submit i get comment also from mentors that “excellent work” “good work” “very good” etc. in this suffer i love one thing that is the mentors they are like the helping add for us. I really love them in each step they are with us and they helped me a lot i can’t express it. So i am thankful that i have got mentors like this. I am thankful to “FOSSASIA” that they given a platform to share the GCI journey. And my aim is to work with google. And GCI is  Pre-university students ages 13 to 17 are invited to take part in Google Code-in: Our global, online contest introducing teenagers to the world of open source development. And whatever their skill so i think GCI can give me the platform for that. And i very happy that GCI provides 25 organisation to work  because if a child get stuck in any one organisation then he can afford to do other organisation. And GCI provides a great knowledge and it enhances the knowledge of children and our is just has been started there is lot to go in life these thing are very important for life. And if some children think GCI is not good then it’s wrong because if you are doing a hard work then you can overcome any obstacle in life like me that i have submitted 9 for review then my task has been approved.

In this journey i like the github most because it is very interesting to do pull push merge etc. because in this we have to do programming and i love to do programming. And i have added the photo also on fossasia group as you can see in the link: . and i love the terminal of the github also.


And i am also added to member map of OSGeo as you can see in the photo and i have run the wintest also which is very interesting these thing.

Screenshot - 02-01-2018 , 22_06_36




These things i never known in my life But because of GCI i am learning new to new something so thank you once again “fossasia” for sharing the felling and “GCI” for learning.




GCI official horizontal_1372x448dp.png



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